American Tiger Karate Academy

Waiver of Liability  / Disclaimer

I understand and agree, although American Tiger Karate Academy, Inc. also referred to as A.T.K.A., facilities, equipment and programs are designed to provide a safe level of beneficial exercise and enjoyment, there is an inherent risk that my participation in such programs or classes, use of the facility and materials may result in my injury or death.  Therefore, I hereby agree to assume all risk of injury, damage or loss of any kind, which I may sustain as a result of participating in such programs and activities.  I hereby release and discharge American Tiger Karate Academy, Inc., it’s officers, instructors, employees, volunteers, associates, agents, affiliate facilities, park district, and community center, from any and all claims of injury, death, damage or loss. I understand and agree that parents, or staff may be photographing group activities, ceremonies, seminars, tournaments, exams or classes etc. for promotional or family purposes from time to time which may likely include photos of program participants. I agree to allow my photo to be taken during these events with out recourse, financial or other compensation.  In the event of an emergency, I authorize A.T.K.A. Inc. to access EMS, I further authorize first aid and or medical treatment of myself by a licensed medical doctor and or other qualified staff as well as authorization to transport  me to a hospital, medical clinic or other appropriate facility.

Waiver of LiabilityPlease Read & Print A Copy For Your Records.